3 reasons why you should hire a professional tile roof coating company

One of the proven ways of extending the life of your concrete roof tiles is through roof coating. A practice widespread in Germany and Scandinavia, tile roof coating will restore the original protective layers of the tiles lost through aging and weathering. With so many companies offering roof coating services, what sets the professional and reliable companies apart from the rest? This short article will show you the three reasons you should hire a professional company.



Roof tile coating is a niche specialty which many roofing companies have tried to master but few have been successful. It requires a competent understanding of roofing structures, as well as the right products and how to apply them to ensure maximum benefits. Choosing a company with proven expertise in this area greatly improves the odds of receiving satisfactory service and a roof you will enjoy for many more years.


Superior products

For the professional, only the best products on the market will do. What are the characteristics of superior roof coating products? They are engineered and manufactured to exacting European standards (DIN, EN, ISO) and hold quality certification for each aspect of their performance e.g. water permeability or adhesion. When you hire a roofing company using high quality coating products, you are guaranteed they will perform as expected.


Product warranty and independent insurance guarantee

Once you have ticked the first two boxes, the final box to consider is the warranties available from the contractor. The minimum you should expect is the full product manufacturer’s warranty as standard. For even greater protection, a contractor who offers an independent, insurance backed guarantee is a better choice.


When it comes to the tile roof coating industry, not all contractors are equal. Use the criteria above to choose your contractor and you will be on your way to enjoying your sound investment for years to come. With Easy Coat Ltd, you tick all the boxes and you can sit back and relax knowing you’re fully covered.