4 advantages of tile roof coating for your home

Concrete and clay roof tiles have a considerable lifespan. The UK weather and climate wreaks havoc on the roofing structure and as the roof ages, the tiles will eventually require more attention. Intervening long before natural wear and tear begins to take its toll is one way of lengthening the life. Tile roof coating products offer several advantages but it’s vital to remember not all of them are created equal. Below are some of the advantages you will enjoy if you choose a certified and high quality roof coating product such as Renotec.


Restore the protective coating that comes with new tiles

A high quality and professionally applied tile roof coating solution with restore the protective barrier that keeps moisture and the elements at bay. This will help lengthen the life of your roof.


Extend your roof’s lifespan

Natural clay or concrete tiles have pretty impressive lifespans. A tile roof coating applied following a good clean and any necessary repairs will help extend the roof’s lifespan. You will not only get an amazing looking roof, but one that will last a few years longer through.


Transform your roof’s look

Never judge a book by its cover but certainly you can judge a home by its roof. Available in a variety of colours, you can transform the look of your home by having a professional contractor apply a roof tile coating solution. The coating process includes cleaning, removal of moss and lichen which improves the aesthetic appearance of your home.


Enjoy potential savings against a reroofing project

More often than not, a reroofing project is not necessary. Many contractors will recommend a roof replacement because it will earn them more. Engaging a professional roofing company to apply a tile roof coat will cost considerably less than replacing the roof.


Easy Coat Ltd specialise in roof repairs and general property maintenance, including roof tile coating. They use certified products, including Renotec. In addition to their in-house guarantee, they also operate an independent insurance guarantee scheme.

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