Features of a high performance roof coating product

The market is awash with roof coating products. A lot of roofing companies have also branched into offering roof tile coating as a services. With the growth in demand for this service, the number of roof coating products on the market has also rocketed. Despite the claims every manufacturer makes, not all coating products are created equal. This article will bring your awareness to the properties you should expect from a tile coating product.


Try performing a search for a roof coating company and you are faced with multiple options to choose from. Choosing a company using a certified coating product is a great place to start.


The top performing concrete roof tile coating products are tested to stringent European and UK standards including DIN, EN and ISO. The coating product should also have quality certification for each of the performance characteristics below:


Elongation at Break (Tensile strength) – tests for the flexibility of the product and its ability to withstand pulling forces once applied to the tiles.


Water permeability – ensures that the tiles are allowed to breathe, which prevents moisture from becoming trapped within the tiles which could cause premature failure.


Water repellant property – a good roof tile coating product will repel water to protect the tiles and the timber structure supporting the tiles, from the long term effects of water penetration.


Adhesion – this is the ability of the tile coating substrate to form a strong bond with the concrete tile surface ensuring that if offers protection throughout the duration of its rated lifespan without coming off. This characteristic alone is what the 10-year product guarantee is built on.


Couple a roof coating product certified to European standards with a professional company such as Easy Coat Ltd offering peace of mind guarantees and industry expertise and you’ got a great deal. The right product applied in the correct manner with professional integrity means you never have to worry about your roof for years to come. Visit www.easycoatltd.co.uk to find out more about the roof coating process.

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