Roofing scams to watch out for

Homeowners fall victim to different scams every single year. This short article will make you aware of five of the most common roofing scams you should be aware of. Choosing a roofing contractor carefully will help you avoid falling for these scams.


The disappearing upfront payment

Be careful of the roofing contractor who asks for a huge upfront payment before starting work. Many homeowners find out the hard way. Often, after making the upfront payment, the roofer disappears and their phone goes unanswered. A reputable roofing contractor should be able to cover the cost of materials before they request payment from you.


Fluctuating job price

In this scam, a roofing contractor will quote an initial lower bid just to get their foot in the door. Once the job starts, the contractor will begin asking for more money for additional material or unforeseen expenses start cropping up. It should never be the homeowner’s position to meet increases in material once a price has been agreed. Always ensure you receive a fixed price quote before the job begins.


High pressure sales techniques

Not all cold calling salespeople are dishonest. However, some companies will pull out all the stops just to make a sale. Anything from making false promises to telling outright lies just to get you into a binding contract. If you feel pressured in any way, ask them to leave your home or if it’s on the phone, just put the phone down.


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